A 24-year old who works from home so she can spend less time on the road (the commute to Manila was the inspiration for Dante’s Inferno) and devote extra hours (ha! Who am I kidding!) on baking and cooking from scratch.


Frequent mentions in this blog:
The Favorite Dining Companion – he of the Viking build (a retired Viking, that is) and baby daddy to the
Toddler – he of the curious mind and inspiration for short stories, poems, and the occasional weird recipe

(“Mommy, I eat dinosaur chicken! Yummy, dinosaur black cake!” he was referring to his Legos here. None of which were black or even remotely resembled dinosaurs, eggs, or cake.)


The favorite dining Companion and I are lovers of food but our budget doesn’t permit for anything too fancy or for eating out too much. Google is a friend. So is Booksale.

If you want to get in touch, contact me at: faithinfudge@gmail.com