Whenever I crave for something sweet and crispy, I make dessert spring rolls. You can put all kinds of filling inside as long as you don’t use anything that’s too runny. My favorite is red mung bean paste (red mung bean that’s slowly stewed until soft and easily mashed with a fork & then sweetened with milk and sugar). That spring roll dessert is sooo good and definitely merits a separate post. In the meantime, here are 3 of my no-fail, crowd-favorite variations.


First off is chocolate. If you’re like me and you’re panicking because the chocolate ganache might spoil soon, then use that cold ganache as a spring roll filling. The great thing about using ganache as a filling is that it’s easy to roll up and once the spring roll is cooked, you can bite into a melted pool of chocolate. The resulting pool of chocolate might seem like murder on your plate, but if this is murder then convict me for life. It’s that good.


Next up is cheesecake. Chill a block of cream cheese until it’s the same hardness as play-doh (yeah, I have a toddler and it’s reflected on my choice of words). Sprinkle a bit of sugar on top then roll it up.

The 3rd variation is simply a combination of the two: cream cheese and chocolate ganache.

Get a pan,  add oil, and then heat the oil up until you see a bit of smoke then add the spring rolls a few bits at a time. This way, you don’t overcrowd the pan and end up with soggy spring rolls.

A few reminders: If you buy freshly-made spring roll wrappers from the nearby palengke, you have to double it. Otherwise, your filling could leak and ruin the whole batch you’re frying. No pressure.